Custom Camo Hats

Why select Custom Hats as your next promotional item? Because the best custom apparel products are ones that can be worn every day. The more someone wears your promo products, the more likely others will see your logo, brand name, special image, special message, etc. While choosing to personalize a Hat is a great idea, it’s essential to select the type of Hat that easily fits in with your promotional mission.

custom camo hats by Richardson
Outdoor Cap real tree cap

Why select a Camo Hat to Customize?

This type of Hat is not only associated with the military, hunting, and camping, many people are now wearing Custom Camo Hats due to the many cool Camo Patterns now available, making this a Hat that’s currently trending.

Camouflage Hats are also called Custom Hunting Hats.  We also offer Camo Beanies!

new era camo trucker

Customize Your Camouflage Caps

Some people wonder - Is Camo going out of style? The answer is no!  The unique camo designs make this Hat style one that stands out --making it a perfect choice for all ages. Whether you're trying to promote a company associated with the outdoors or you just simply love how the camo style looks on Hats and other accessories, you simply can't go wrong when choosing to personalize Camo Hats.

Did you know that Customized Camo caps are available in other colors besides military green? Since there are many color and pattern choices available nowadays, you can create a Custom Hat to look any way you want it to look. For example, which Camo Pattern do you prefer? Are there certain colors that fit in with your brand that you can transfer over to your Custom Hat?

Kryptek Ocean camo
OC cap with patch

Custom Hunting Hats

Camouflage Hats are also called Hunting Hats because they’re often worn by hunters to blend in with their outdoor surroundings. This makes selecting a Camo Hat a great idea for any business that’s associated with hunting or the outdoors. The Camouflage pattern is one that perfectly blends in with the outdoors, making this type of Hat one that any hunter or outdoors lover will enjoy wearing. The relaxed look of this country-style Hat is one that allows one to not only blend in, it’s also extremely comfortable to wear.

Realtree-Fishing-lightblue_2.jpg,Navy.jpg,Realtree-Fishing-lightblue.jpg,Realtree-Fishing-lightblue.jpg,Captain Blue.jpg,Navy.jpg,Navy.jpg,Navy

Realtree Camouflage


Mossy Oak

Kryptek blaze orange hunting hats

Kryptek Camouflage

Richardson Hats – A Top USA Hat Brand!

Consolidated Ink focuses on making the best Camouflage Hats, which means we only connect with top Hat Brands. Imagine how your logo will look on a Camo Richardson Hat! Richardson Hats is a company that makes many different styles of Hats. As they’re known for their high-quality Hats, Richardson is easily one of today’s Top Hat Brands. Their Camo Hat product options include Structured Hats, Unstructured, 5-Panel, Trucker, and Two-Tone Hats
Other Popular Brands:

  • New Era
  • Outdoor Cap
  • Custom Flexfit Camo Hats
Richardson with Leather Patch

Richardson Hats Samples

custom camo hats embroidered with 3D embroidery
custom camo hats by Richardson

Embroidery vs Custom Patches

We offer Custom Embroidered Hats and Custom Hats with Patches, so you have choices when it comes to your decoration methods!

Custom options can easily be matched to a certain style and is a classic choice that’s always in style. Embroidery is the perfect option for those who are looking for a clean, timeless look. Those who choose this printing choice will have their design embroidered directly onto their choice of Camo Hat.


Custom Patches for Hats require you to choose the type of patch you feel best fits in with your message, i.e. color, shape, size, type of backing. You’ll get to choose between embroidery and woven style patches, and because both options offer you the quality patches you need, you can expect the end result to be one of quality.


Ready to Design Your Custom Embroidered Camo Hats?

Have you decided whether or not Camo Style Hats are the right type of promotional Hat for you? If a Camo Hat is indeed the right choice, you'll need to choose the Camo Hat Style you want, as well as the type of printing choice you want added. For those who have already decided exactly what you want to be placed on your new promo Hat, great! Contact us now to get the process started. For those who require assistance when it comes to designing your Custom Hat, our design team is more than ready to assist you once you're ready to start the process.

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Military Spec Camouflage

If you are looking for the best in Military camo caps, boonies, accessories, etc then we also offer Rothco Products. Rothco is the premier military supplier and army surplus supplier of all things camo. They have many digital camo print variations.

Digital Royal.jpg,Charcoal.jpg,Digital Royal.jpg,Digital Royal.jpg,Digital Royal.jpg,Royal.jpg,Royal.jpg,Royal

Contact Us Now to Order

Is a Custom Camo Hat the right type of promo Hat for you? The fact that outdoor headwear is one of the more popular types of promotional items that really stand out makes selecting this everyday use item a wise choice. For those who want proof of how their finished Hat will look before ordering, contact us now for more information.

In need of a Quick Quote? Simply fill out our Free Quote Form so you can understand exactly what your custom order total will be! If you're wondering if you should personalize your Custom Camo Hat with a logo, know that logos are a top choice when customizing a Hat.


What is Realtree Camo?

It is a proprietary camo pattern developed to be licensed out to various companies who make different garments or accessories like hats or clothing. It is considered to be one of the most realistic and effective camo patterns available because of its three-dimensional appearance.


Outdoor Cap real tree cap

The OC871CAMO has everything you need for your next successful hunt. With 8 colorways ranging from Blaze orange to a dark Kryptek® Typhon™, and everything in between, your camo needs are covered.

  • Slight Pre-Curved Visor
  • Plastic Snap Closure
  • Pro Round Crown (E)
  • Structured
  • Solid Back
  • Canvas Camo Front Panels


QTY Blank (3A) Decorated (3A)*
48-143 $10.10 $14.10
144-575 $9.10 $13.10
576+ $8.10 $12.10

What is Mossy Oak Camo?

Mossy oak is another innovator in natural and realistic patterns. Mossy Oak prides itself on patterns that use only natural earth elements and colors. Around the same time in 1986 both of these companies innovated new more realistic patterns that would help them blend into the surrounding area more than ever.


New Era Camo

  • Fabric: 100% cotton twill front panels and bill; 100% polyester mid and back panels
  • Structure: Structured
  • Profile: High
  • Closure: 7-position adjustable snap

Flexfit Camo

  • Hard buckram. Structured
  • Closed-back. Stretch fitted
  • Black undervisor, 8-row stitching on visor
  • White undervisor for Alpine

Yupoong Classics

  • Unstructured
  • Antique brass buckle closure
  • Black undervisor, 4-row stitching on visor
  • White undervisor for Alpine
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